How can I make sure my law firms website isnt penalized by one of Googles next algorithm changes?

Google created major waves on the Web, as it made significant changes to the algorithm used to rank websites. There were two modifications made, with the Google Panda being the update with the biggest impact.  Sites with low-quality content were the ones hit the hardest by these changes.

If you have followed the advice that we have always given – to create interesting content, and a lot of it – your law firm’s website shouldn’t have been impacted by the Google update.  The more relevant and educational content you have on your website, the better your chances of ranking well with the search engines and attracting your ideal clients.

The algorithm changes are supposed to continue throughout 2011. To answer the original question – how can you make sure your website isn’t penalized? The answer is simple. Create high-quality content and follow the advice of Matt Cutts of Google, try to make a website that users love.

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