How do the links on my own attorney website affect my Google PageRank?

Link building concerns itself with two types of links: those that come from other websites (external links), and those that link your own attorney website together (internal links). Many people focus solely on getting great external links, but they ignore the links on their own sites entirely. Don’t make the same mistake. How you handle your own internal linking can have a big impact on your attorney SEO.

Search engine crawlers can learn a lot about your site through your internal links. Internal links help to point crawlers to the rest of the pages on your site for indexing, and they establish a general structure and theme for your content. Savvy internal linking also helps direct potential clients and search engine crawlers toward important landing pages, such as your practice areas.

When you are thinking about internal linking in an attorney link building context, the idea is to make it as easy as possible for search engine crawlers to index and understand your website. For example, if all of your articles and blog posts point back to a relevant practice area page, then both Google and your potential clients are better able to navigate.  
Link building is only one way websites are optimized for search engines and search engine users. The online marketing experts with Foster can help you build a strong online presence and bring in more contacts and more cases. We offer link building services, social media marketing, content writing, mobile websites, video production, book writing, keyword research, website design, and more. Give us a call today at 888-886-0939.
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