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There is no one rule for newsletter frequency that will work for every business that wants to send one. Instead, if you want it to be truly effective, the answer is going to be totally unique to your business and your newsletter subscribers.

That’s because the best email newsletter schedule for you is going to be highly dependent on a lot of factors, including:

  • How fast you and your team can realistically produce a compelling newsletter
  • The type of business you run
  • Your subscribers’ preferences
  • The type of content your newsletter contains
  • Your goals for your newsletter

The real trick is finding out what works best for you, without losing consistency or the interest of your readers.

Need some guidelines to get your head around it? Here are our best tips and methods for finding the “sweet spot” for email newsletter frequency.

Consistency Is More Important Than Frequency

For law firms (and similar businesses, like medical practices), we typically recommend that you start with a monthly or quarterly newsletter and commit to sticking to that schedule consistently for 6 months or a year. That gives you enough time to orient your readers, polish any rough edges in the production process, and see the initial performance trends. After that, you can adjust the frequency, if needed.  

It’s okay to start small! In the end, it’s far more important to send your newsletter consistently than it is to send it frequently. For example, sending a quarterly newsletter that’s delivered on time will be more beneficial to your business than attempting to send a monthly newsletter that gets delivered sporadically—or not at all. You can always increase the frequency later if your readers are engaged and wanting more.

Test and Analyze the Frequency of Your Email Newsletter

We recommend that you start with a monthly or quarterly newsletter, but we’ve seen businesses and individual thought leaders succeed with newsletters that are sent out anywhere from once a year to twice a week. That’s why we so strongly recommend that you analyze your performance over time to figure out what’s “just right” for you and your readers.

If you’ve been sending a newsletter for a while, you should already have enough data to get an idea of how it is performing for you—and don’t just look at open rates! Click-throughs and opt-outs are often what really tell the story of the success of a campaign.

An increasingly high number of opt-outs after a change in newsletter frequency can be a sign that you’re contacting your list too often (or that you need to work on managing your email contact list), and an increasingly low number of click-throughs might be a sign that you’re overwhelming your readers. Again, this isn’t a set-in-stone rule—there are lots of reasons you might see changes in your email data. However, watching those kinds of trends can tip you off that something isn’t working as well as it could after a change.  

Ask Your Subscribers How Often They Want to Hear From You

Sometimes, it’s easiest to get answers right from the source. You can guess how often your subscribers want to hear from you, and you can look at the data after the fact. However, nothing is going to give you answers about how often your subscribers want to get your newsletter like just asking them!

Send out a quick survey that lets the people on your list tick off the newsletter frequency that they would prefer (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and see what your audience thinks is the right amount of contact. You could also use this as an opportunity to ask for feedback on the type of content they enjoy the most or would like to see in the future.

Partner With Us for No-Stress Email Newsletters That Rock

Email newsletters are a great way to start reaching out to your contact list, but not every attorney has the time and resources to prepare one every month. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your newsletter, or if you just don’t have time to get one started, let us do it for you.

Check out our completely done-for-you newsletter packages, or give us a call at 888.886.0939 with your questions.

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