I don’t have many followers on Twitter, and I feel like I’m wasting my time using it to promote my law firm. What am I missing?

Using social media for attorneys and law firms can be a little tricky. While you do want to use these platforms to promote your law firm and bring in potential clients, you can’t approach social media marketing the same way you might approach more traditional marketing tactics. Social media is all about creating relationships and engaging with people. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of Twitter, ask yourself these questions:


  • How often do I Tweet? To keep people interested, you have to Tweet often. If you’re Tweeting less than once a day, then you probably aren’t getting much out of Twitter.


  • How long have I been using Twitter? It takes some time to build a following, even if you do everything right. If you’ve just started using Twitter, keep up the good work and be patient.


  • Do I constantly Tweet the same thing? Unfortunately, a lot of people use Twitter to send out spam. If you constantly send out the same Tweet, most people will assume you’re just spamming and will ignore you.


  • Are all my Tweets just promoting my law firm? Social media platforms are made for people to reach out and share information. If you always Tweet about your law firm, try mixing it up a little with helpful information, links to interesting articles, or something fun.


Social media marketing can be powerful, but it can also be confusing and time consuming. If you need a hand with using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites more effectively, get in touch with our online attorney marketing experts at 888-886-0939 today.

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