Is YouTube considered a social media site?

Yes. Though you may only be familiar with YouTube as a place to watch funny videos of laughing babies and puppies, YouTube has firmly established itself as a social media website.

What Social Media Is

Social media is any site that provides a network of people with a place to make connections. And, as we are talking about YouTube as a social media site, what better way to show you how social media works than this popular YouTube video describing social media in easy-to-understand terms.

Now that you understand social media—and, if you don't, please ask—we will cover the best ways to use YouTube as a social media platform.

Getting 1 Million Views Is Not the Goal

Let's hope you don't achieve this kind of infamy. As an attorney, any video of you that gets that much attention is likely a bad thing—think uncontrolled tirade in the courtroom or an embarrassing fall that lands you in the lap of a jury member. Instead, you want to use YouTube to build connections and establish yourself as an authority.

Building connections and networks on YouTube can be done in many ways, including:

  • Posting quality videos on a regular basis. This keeps those who subscribe to your videos interested and helps establish you as an authority in your area of law.
  • Making friends with others in your field. Much like Facebook, you can send out friend requests on YouTube.
  • Getting subscribers and favorites. Ask people to subscribe to your channel and favorite the videos they like. Do the same for others.
  • Responding to comments. Just like other social media users, people like it when you reply to their comments. As long as they seem to be legitimate comments—not spam or trolling—write a thoughtful response.

Not sure you have a handle on your social media marketing efforts? Call us at 888.886.0939, and our social media experts will help you make the most of your social media accounts.

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