Okay, I set up a Twitter account for my law firm. What should I Tweet about?

Many attorneys know that having a Twitter account can help get new clients and great local exposure. But many don’t really know what they should Tweet to keep their audience interested and engaged. Here are a few ideas:

  • Link to your newest blog post, article, or case results. One of the best uses of Twitter is to get your social media audience to visit your website.
  • Report on local news related to your practice. Twitter is often used for local news, and users love to get updates on stories that affect them.
  • Share a personal update or picture. While your Twitter feed shouldn’t be all about you, social media is a great way to humanize your practice. Post an inspirational quote from a book you are reading or a picture of a trip to the beach you took with your family.
  • Re-Tweet important Tweets from the legal world. Twitter is about connecting with others and sharing important information. Be sure to follow the important legal feeds, and pass on any pertinent breaking news.

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