Should I delete the older content from my attorney website and blog?

There are a range of opinions when it comes to whether you should delete content from your attorney website and blog. There really aren’t any hard and fast rules. However, here are a few basic guidelines to consider before you send your old content to the trash:

  • Is the page bringing in a lot of traffic? If you use our DSS system for your lawyer website management, you can easily look at the numbers for any given page. If the page is bringing in a lot of new visitors, it might be worth keeping it and simply updating the information or rewriting the article.
  • Have you covered the topic elsewhere on your site? If you have a more current or extensive discussion of the topic elsewhere on your site, then it might be reasonable to say goodbye to the older content.
  • Is the information confusing or outdated? This is possibly the best reason to delete old content, but keep in mind that simply updating the information or making it more clear might be a better way to handle it.
  • Will deleting the content wreak havoc on your links? Some attorneys choose to start deleting old content and end up wrecking a good part of the work they’ve put into link building. Make sure you take care of any broken links that deleting content might cause—including links to the page from other websites and links from within your own site.

Want to make adding and deleting your attorney website content easier? The online attorney marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing would be happy to talk with you about our DSS system, which will automatically handle content management issues like analytics and broken links. Give us a call today at 888-886-0939 to learn more!


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