When it comes to video marketing for lawyers, should I use a high-definition camera?

Everybody knows that it’s better to watch a football game or a blockbuster in high definition, but does high definition make a difference when it comes to online video marketing for lawyers? Absolutely. An HD video not only has a significantly sharper picture and significantly better color than a standard-definition video, it also has cleaner, clearer sound. While this is obviously a great feature on a large, flat-screen television, it also makes a big difference on a smaller computer screen. Low resolution and poor sound can quickly make viewers click away from a video when looking for legal services, and unprofessional videos can reflect poorly on your practice regardless of your case results.

Video can serve as the first time that your potential clients “meet” you and learn about your law office. It is key that you present your best self – with the best quality video.

Do you need assistance with producing your online attorney videos? The team at Foster Web Marketing can help you create and display your marketing videos from beginning to end. To browse some of the videos we’ve created, visit our video gallery. To talk to one of our experts about making your own videos, please call 888.886.0939.


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