Will creating a Google+ account help my attorney web marketing campaign?


Google+ was recently ranked the second most used social media site, losing only to Facebook. Getting your law firm involved with Google+ is a crucial step toward attracting new clients and dominating your market. Here's why:

  • Your searchability on Google can improve. If you are active and have built a circle of friends and associates, Google will give your friends and friends of your friends your website when they look for an attorney.
  • +1's get your site more views. Now, when people search for information, they often look to see how many +1's an article has. If your article comes up with no +1's, and your competitors' has 20 +1's, most people will choose your competitor. 
  • Your visibility is increased. By adding Google+ to your arsenal of social media accounts, you are exposing more people to your practice and building the visibility of your brand.
  • Google+ users are active. While only 50 percent of Tweeters log in daily, 60 percent of Google+ users log in each day, and 80 percent log in each week. That's a lot of use and a lot of potential exposure.  

There really are no downsides to signing up and getting active with Google+. Sure, it's one of the new guys on the block, but it's worth getting to know.

For help on all things social media, call 888.886.0939 and speak with a member of our staff. We work hard to stay on top of social media trends for lawyers and can help you achieve success—not just on Google+ and Facebook, but in your attorney marketing campaign as a whole.  

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