Are You Looking For Excellence From Your Website Content Writing Service?

Content, content, content! You might get tired of hearing about the importance of web content for business leaders.

However, the truth is your business needs quality content to get more leads—and eventually clients, cases, or customers.

If you are like a lot of business owners, you either don’t like to write or just don’t have the time. With a million things to do each day, the thought of adding Internet content writing to your plate likely makes you cringe. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to write great material for your site. There isn’t even time to find a ghostwriter to work directly with your firm!

We know it’s hard to budget the time or energy to write quality content for your website—which is why we will do it for you. Our experienced and highly qualified writers and editors know what it takes to produce informative and conversion-friendly content for attorneys, doctors & other businesses. We will work closely with you to create content that will bring in the type of website traffic that you want!

Web content for lawyers is not a service that every marketing firm provides. But we do.Creating Web Content for Professionals Is What We Do Best

We spend hours upon hours training our writers and editors on how to develop content that drives traffic and encourages contacts. Many of our writers have legal, medical, and business backgrounds and experience that make them experts in writing for your specific needs. Our writers and editors are located in the United States and hired based upon their writing skills and expertise. Think of our team as your marketing partner. 

We take the time to learn about your practice and the type of clients you want to attract. Then, we apply this information to develop interesting content that is posted throughout the month. The quantity of content you receive is based on your desired level of involvement and your specific goals.

In addition to website content, we also offer a range of content writing services, which include:

  • Press releases. A press release is a great way to increase your public visibility. If you have a recent accomplishment to celebrate or have a topic that is newsworthy, we can draft a powerful press release that will draw people to your company.
  • Reports. A report will help you educate your prospects and stand out from your competitors. We will write a 12-page report on a topic of your choice and will format it into a PDF file that can be easily downloaded from your website.
  • Books. What better way to build credibility than to become a published author? A book gives you the opportunity to gain expert and celebrity status, not to mention the fact that it is a tremendous conversion tool. Our book writing services include a 30-page manuscript and custom cover.
  • Drip campaigns. An automated email marketing campaign is only as effective as the messages you create. Our writers will develop persuasive email messages to convert a greater number of leads into clients.

To find out more about our web content for business and the packages that we provide, contact us today at 888.886.0939 or fill out our contact form

Need Help Finding Your Own Writer?

If you would prefer to hire a writer outside of Foster Web Marketing, we can still help you. We will assist you in hiring a qualified writer for your website. We use the same rigorous selection process that we do with our own content team. Not only will we find someone for you, we will also train your writer on our best practices and will show him or her how to utilize DSS to add content to your website. To learn more, call us today.