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  • "I got a good explanation on how to optimize your website not only for the search engines, but also how important video is."

    Mark Blane, San Diego personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Blane, loves his practice. He enjoys being hands on with all facets of the firm, from representing clients to marketing his office. When Mark Blane heard about Foster Web Marketing, he was immediately taken aback by how helpful the team was. He learned a hands on approach to optimizing his website for search engines and for his visitors. He also discovered the power of using video to promote his law firm. Now, Mark runs a thriving law practice much in part due to his optimized website and online presence. “What attracted me to Foster Web Marketing was the fact that it was the first place that I got a good explanation on how to optimize your website for not only the search engines, but also how important video is, and how important it is for you as the end user to actually update your own website. I thought that was really unique. I’m more of a hands on kind of guy anyway, so when I found that out, it really led me to getting more information about Foster Web Marketing and I’m proud to be here now!” If you’d like to learn how to empower yourself and your team to optimize your business, contact us today! We’ll teach you how to create an online presence that draws in your target audience by using the latest Internet marketing tools and strategies for lawyers.

    Mark Blane
  • "I think video is more powerful than just a written word on a screen, which is what most websites are. You go to a website, there are a lot of words and a lot of language. With video, my potential client can actually see me, can hear me, and can already start the process of bonding with me…"

    When Miami attorney, J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo first heard about Foster Web Marketing, he was at a seminar in Orlando, Florida. At that seminar he heard from both Ben Glass and Tom Foster about the importance of online marketing. After doing some research, he decided to upgrade his website through Foster Web Marketing and he hasn’t looked back since! Forming Relationships With Clients Using Video One of the biggest strategies J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo has used to form stronger, better relationships with his potential clients is video. Through video, he knows that he can give website visitors a deeper glimpse into who he is and what he has to offer, differentiating himself from other lawyers in Miami. “I think video is more powerful than just a written word on a screen, which is what most websites are. You go to a website, there are a lot of words and a lot of language. With video, my potential client can actually see me, can hear me, and can already start the process of bonding with me, understanding who I am and where I’m coming from, and maybe that’ll make the process smoother for the potential relationship.” Interested in how you can use video to strengthen your online marketing? Give us a call or schedule your consultation and learn more.

    J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
  • "Do you know Tom Foster? Of course I know Tom Foster! He’s the man!"

    If you think the Maryland injury lawyers at Clark & Steinhorn are paying Foster Web Marketing, forget about it! Even though they think Tom Foster is “the man” neither attorney pays the bill to keep their marketing lights on. It doesn’t matter if their website gets fantastic results. They don’t care if the online marketing they get from Foster Web Marketing has skyrocketed their growth. When it comes to paying the bill, this Long Island and Jersey duo says “forget about it!” “Bob: Hi, I’m Bob. Allen: Hi I’m Allen. Bob: Yeah. We’re friends. Allen: I’m from Long Island. Bob: He’s from Long Island. I’m not from Long Island. I’m from Jersey! And we love Tom Foster at Foster Web Marketing. Allen: We love Tom Foster! Bob: He’s the best! He’s the best! Allen: Forget about it. Come on! Bob: I was walking down the street, I was in Ashbury Park actually. Was it Seaside Park or Ashbury Park? You know, John Peterson’s the man. Anyway, one of them was there and he said to me, “Do you know Tom Foster?” and of course I know Tom Foster! Allen: Yeah, he’s the man! Bob: He’s the man! And I go, “Omigod the guy’s in this place? Forget about it! Allen: Forget about it! Bob: Yeah, forget about it! And my law firm forgets about it too. We’re not paying him no more. I’m not paying him. Are you paying him? Allen: No, I’m not paying him. Bob: Right.” Jokes aside, if your law firm wants to have as much fun with marketing as Robert Clark and Allen Steinhorn and see big time results, call us today!  

    Robert Clark and Allen Steinhorn
  • "I’m happy to be a customer."

    In life, not all relationships are formed overnight. This is true in the business world just as it is in every day life. Attorney Kevin Mottley lived this experience through his time learning about Foster Web Marketing. Prior to becoming a customer of the company, Attorney Mottley spent many years quietly observing from the sidelines. What he learned lead him to want to join the ranks of the many successful attorneys who turned to Foster Web Marketing to help their online marketing presence grow. After nearly half a decade of following Foster Web Marketing, Attorney Mottley finally became a customer. His journey started with an introduction by colleague Ben Glass. From that point on, Attorney Mottley watched as more and more successful attorneys turned to the company for guidance. As they did, Attorney Mottley’s interest in the company grew as well. Today, he is a happy, satisfied customer. Interested in learning more about how successful Internet marketing can help your practice take off? We encourage you to view our free report, Explode Your Practice Through Internet Marketing, today.  

    Kevin Mottley
  • "...when I really looked at what was going on with Foster Web Marketing and Great Legal Marketing, I knew that I had found the right place for me."

    The old expression “hindsight is 20/20” applies not only to our personal lives, but also to the choices that we make in business. Attorney Robert Malove knows this all too well. For years, he invested tens of thousands of his valuable dollars into marketing models that did little to grow his business. Eventually, he discovered Foster Web Marketing, and the rest was history. He now leads a very successful practice in Florida and has found his way back to happiness and contentment with his career. Like many other attorneys who strike out on their own, Attorney Malove spent a substantial amount of his valuable time searching for the right marketing model that could help him develop his practice. Unfortunately, the right model very nearly passed him by. Attorney Malove did not open himself up to learning about the exciting and novel techniques of Foster Web Marketing until five or six years after first coming across another attorney who attributed his significant successes to the company. Upon doing his own research many years later, Attorney Malove rediscovered the connection to Foster Web Marketing, and his own success story began. Attorney Malove could potentially have saved himself tens of thousands of dollars if he had simply opted to learn more on that day half a decade ago. Do not make the same mistakes. To learn more about how Foster Web Marketing can help grow your website and other important marketing techniques, complete this questionnaire today. You will receive a comprehensive report on the overall effectiveness of your website.    

    Robert Malove
  • “…looking at the video they get a sense of who I am and that's a visceral feeling communicated only through video that can be very persuasive and powerful.”

    When it comes to reaching new clients, John P. Rosenberg understands the impact words can have on potential clients. He also understands that any lawyer can put words on their website. The great websites are the ones that add an extra dimension to them by using video. Forming a Personal Connection Through Video Marketing Personal injury attorney John P. Rosenberg found a uniquely powerful way of differentiating himself online. By using video, he is now able to speak to his clients through his website. In addition to letting website visitors know about his practice, he gives them a sense of who he is as a person. When an injury victim visits him in the office for the first time, they feel closer and more connected than they would with any other lawyer that does not use video to promote their practice. "Everybody needs to differentiate themselves and lawyers are no different. Video is a unique tool that gives an almost sensory communication to people that might be visiting a website. Anybody can put up words, but my clients, when they've come to me, typically they come to me and meet me in person after they've been to my website. Through going to the website, they get a sense of not just what the website is about, or the nature of my practice, but by looking at the video they get a sense of who I am and that's a visceral feeling that is communicated only through video that can be very persuasive and powerful. And I've used that, I believe, to create effect through my website and it's brought people to me that I've been able to serve and it's been just great." If you’d like to put video to work for your business in the same way John Rosenberg has, Foster Web Marketing can help. Give us a call to set up your consultation and learn just how easy it is to differentiate yourself with video marketing!  

    John P. Rosenberg
  • “With the constant help of Foster Web Marketing, our website has grown in both content and in quality, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

    Zimmer, Duncan & Cole was already a successful, established law firm when it sought the help of Foster Web Marketing in order to improve its website. Despite their success, the attorneys at the firm recognized that their ability to continue attracting new, high-quality clients relies heavily on their Internet presence. They place a high value on the unique way that a law firm’s website can communicate with potential clients. Traditional methods for promoting the services of a law firm, such as television commercials or yellow page ads, simply cannot compete with a strong website. Since contacting Foster Web Marketing to help with their online marketing, Zimmer, Duncan & Cole has seen substantial growth in the overall quality of their website as well as the content that it contains. A truly effective site requires regular attention in order to stay at the top of a search engine’s rankings. The firm credits the constant assistance of the Foster team with helping them create and maintain a website that is now one of their most valuable assets. With Foster at the helm, the lawyers are able to focus on providing top-notch service to their clients. They recognize that they would not have such a successful website if they had tried to navigate the world of Internet marketing alone. If you are an attorney, your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. We encourage you to contact Foster Web Marketing today for a free analysis of your site. Complete this questionnaire today to receive a comprehensive report on the overall effectiveness of your website.    

    Daniel K. Brendtro
  • "My practice is consistently ranked number one on Google and I receive at least one new patient a day from my website. Foster Web Marketing is light years ahead of any other web designer."

    "I have been with Foster Web Marketing for over two years. The results I have gotten are simply amazing. My practice is consistently ranked number one on Google and I receive at least one new patient a day from my website. My advice is to get rid of the yellow pages and sign up with Foster Web Marketing. They are light years ahead of any other web designer."

    Dr. Peter Wishnie
  • “Through DSS, I can do half the work and get two to three times the results.”

    As a former computer programmer, Dr. Brandt Gibson understands more than the average physician who is looking for a company to design a website for their practice. Dr. Gibson saw something truly special when he discovered Foster Web Marketing. He raves that their design of websites, using DSS, was a tool that could unlock the maximum potential of his site. Why work harder, when you can work smarter instead? Dr. Gibson discovered when utilizing DSS, or Dynamic Self-Syndication, that he is now able to accomplish two to three times the results with only half the effort. As any professional knows, a website that minimizes the amount of time and energy needed to keep it running effectively is a valuable asset to a business. Foster Web Marketing’s websites are designed to allow professionals like Dr. Gibson to focus on doing what they do best: providing exceptional service to their patients. Dr. Gibson, who is a man of many talents, initially thought that his background allowed him the ability to create an effective website for his practice. He soon discovered, however, that Foster Web Marketing was able to improve his site in ways that he could not have done alone. Interested in learning more about how Foster Web Marketing can improve your website? Complete our questionnaire today and receive a complimentary, comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website.   Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute

    Dr. Brandt Gibson

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