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If you've been trying to get more leads, more clients or patients, and you're not sure how to get there, Foster Web Marketing is here to help. Contact us online or call our office directly at 866.497.6199 to schedule your free consultation. We have been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 and are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

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  • "It's really cool to talk to people who are on the same page [as] you are in marketing."

    Attorney Susan Bratcher got her undergraduate degree in Marketing and therefore understands the fundamentals for a successful attorney business. She loves working with Foster Web Marketing because, according to her, they are the only group out there who is on the same page as her when it comes to marketing! 

    Susan Bratcher
  • "The customer service is above and beyond. They have been a pleasure to work with over the years."

    Cassy Combs is a Web Specialist & Graphic Artist for Jim Dodson Law, with whom we work closely. She talks about how simple it is keeping his content up to date using DSS! "Very knowledgeable web marketing company. Easy to use CMS [Content Management System]. But mostly the customer service is above and beyond. They have been a pleasure to work with over the years." Are You Considering Adding Marketing Automation Software To Your Law Firm or Medical Practice Strategy? If you feel you're missing out on your share of leads for your law firm or medical practice there's a good chance you are. The good news is Foster Web Marketing is here to help! Please contact us online or call our office directly at 888.866.0939 to schedule your free consultation with our experienced marketing team. We've been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 and are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

    Cassy Combs
  • "I traveled a round trip of 7,000 miles to be at this conference and it did not disappoint...There is a depth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm in the Foster organisation which is unmatched in my experience."

    Attorney Ronald Conway flew from Scotland to be at our 2015 Boot Camp and shares why he loves learning from Foster Web Marketing: "I [traveled] a round trip of 7,000 miles to be at this conference and it did not disappoint. Every speaker I listened to was warm , engaging and clearly right on top of his or her subject. There is a depth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm in the Foster organisation which is unmatched in my experience . And all delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with no upselling, just the goods."

    Ronald Conway
  • "Today I write to let you know how great your team has been to my firm. Karen and Gretchen are simply amazing. They are real customer service folks, know their business and do a great job in teaching me and helping with everything about the website."

    "In both your business and mine we have several things in common. First, we fix or try to fix other folk's problems. Second, when we can't or can't as fast as the person wants we often hear about it. People complain often and many do loudly. Today I write to let you know how great your team has been to my firm. Karen and Gretchen are simply amazing. They are real customer service folks, know their business and do a great job in teaching me and helping with everything about the website. They are super responsive when we have issues and are always there to fix and teach. If they lived here, I'd hire them away from you. I have had some real bad luck with a current CRM I am using. I am switching from it to your product and am very impressed so far. In addition to the CRM I must say the renewed effort on your part to really put customer service at the head of the line has not gone unnoticed by me. Often times we only hear from folks who are mad, upset or frustrated. I wanted to take a minute and write you to simply give your entire team a pat on the back and let you know what great folks you have working for you. Keep up the great work and the great team you have! Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Sincerely, Stephen Hamilton"

    Stephen Hamilton
  • “The big reason why we selected Foster Web Marketing is an interesting story!”

    “My partner and I had tried marketing on our own. We’d farmed out some work, even hired different companies from the West Coast to market for us, but we didn’t have much success. “Luckily for us my sister had lots of experience with web-based marketing and was willing to help us in our search for the right marketing firm for our Las Vegas personal injury practice. Together we searched, searched, and then searched some more. What we were looking for was a marketing person who had experience with personal injury firms in cities similar to Las Vegas but not in Las Vegas. We wanted someone from the outside, someone who could offer something new; something better. “The name that we came upon, again and again, was Foster Web Marketing. And this wasn’t a trick of Google. We found that name on many of the websites that we liked; they were the common denominator.” Foster Gets Attorneys Are you tired of looking for a marketing firm who gets attorneys? Who knows what it takes to not just improve your site but fix your online presence and finally get you the cases you need to grow your practice? Then call 888-886-0939 and find out exactly what we can do for you!  

    Justin L. Wilson
  • "I just want to thank you for all of your hard work, for your communication and addressing issues promptly, and for your obvious drive and passion."

    Elizabeth Dlouhy is the Practice Development Coordinator for Kaufman Law. Elizabeth works closely with Zach Stone to ensure her firm's marketing is effectively bringing in cases and clients. Elizabeth sent Zach an email to thank him for all of his work, and to let him know just how much she appreciates his efforts. "Good afternoon Zach, I was just thinking about how amazing DSS is and how great everything with the website and analytics from ads are going so well and falling together so nicely overall, and I just wanted to send you an email of recognition. You do such a WONDERFUL job, you have impeccable working knowledge of your industry, and you handle clients amazingly well, especially when we have an issue! I just want to thank you for all of your hard work, for your communication and addressing issues promptly, and for your obvious drive and passion. I really appreciate your partnership and I greatly value you and your team! Thank you!"

    Elizabeth Dlouhy
  • “Prior to the launch, we had maybe four patients through website…in three years! And then, in the first month we had 30! From then on, we got 35, 45 and then 52 new patients a month from our website. That scares me!”

    How We Found Foster Web Marketing and Why We Picked Them We first started thinking about updating our website because it was old, static, and not working. When I was consulting with Rem Jackson and his team at Top Practices about a fresher approach, they recommended was Foster Web Marketing. However, I wasn’t sure they were the best fit for us. So instead of going with Foster just because Top Practices recommended them, we interviewed several companies. In the end, we went with Foster, but we were still nervous about the commitment. Foster Web Marketing’s Customer Service Is Off-the-Charts Amazing We love our new FWM website. It is beautiful and very easy to update, but there was a lot to learn. The Foster system made that painless. I started watching the videos on the site and listening to the webinars, and I learned something new each time I did. Next step: I started adding content, messing with things, and getting to know the FWM software we use to update the website – DSS (Dynamic Self Syndication). And you know what? I screwed it up a lot! But every time I did, I was able to get hold of either the customer service team or Chad. They were a godsend, helping me and figuring it out each and every time. One weekend we had a big problem on the site. Chad took time from his weekend to clean up the mess, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. That’s the kind of support you need from your web company! Foster has a lot of great, great information on their site, but the #1 reason I love them is because of their customer support. And Now the New Patients Keep Rolling in Our first month on our own with the new Foster website was November 2014. Prior to the launch, we got maybe four new patients through our old website…in three years! And then, in the first month with our Foster site we had 30! Wow! From then on, we got 35, 45, and then 52 new patients a month from our website. We’ve never seen business pick up that fast! We see over 2,000 patients a month, and 350 or so are new patients. I never thought my biggest problem with my website would be that it was working almost too well! My System for Keeping Content Rolling in and Social Media Working Now that our website has proven to be so successful, all of our doctors want to participate and write content. They want to be involved in the marketing themselves – it’s awesome! And not just any way, but the Foster Web Marketing way! Another key to our success is to brand every office the same. This makes our offices easy to recognize online and makes posting to social media simple. We share three times a week on Facebook and LinkedIn, and by branding every location the same, my time investment has gone from hours a day to minutes! All of this is from advice I’ve gotten from Foster. In fact, our Richmond office already has 60,000 likes on Facebook, so what we’re doing is clearly working. Who I’ve Been Telling About Foster Web Marketing I was apprehensive about Foster; I’m the first to admit it. But now I could never, ever go anywhere else. There is no way I could find this kind of support and ease of use anywhere else. This month alone I’ve told eight different podiatrists about Foster: two of them in just three days! I think that if everyone understood how easy it is to post a blog or to send out email newsletters, they would sign up immediately; the ease is exceptional! To be able to copy and paste from a Word document, and maybe add an image? To just click and be done? Fantastic! If I had known this I would, never, ever, have resisted signing up. I see now just why Rem over at Top Practices was so insistent that it’s Foster Web Marketing or nothing. He was right! Also, the price is fantastic. And really, what you need to know is that if I can do it this well, anyone can do it!

    Jerry Green
  • “Very likely to recommend Foster Web Marketing because of the excellent experience with everyone I have dealt with, from day one to present.”

    As an injury attorney who works tirelessly to help his clients obtain the benefits that they deserve, Attorney Frank Lafferty fully understands the importance of meeting deadlines. When it came time to create a website for his firm, Norfleet & Lafferty, LLC, he turned to Foster Web Marketing. The Foster team went above and beyond to quickly and efficiently create a dynamic website for the firm. Each step along the way, every deadline was met, with most being met far before the agreed upon timeline. Attorney Lafferty also knows that the overall experience of the client is equally as important as the end result. Even if you win a case on behalf of a legal client, it is not truly a success unless the client walks away having had a positive experience—creating a new website is no different. Fortunately, Attorney Lafferty walked away from this experience with Foster feeling that his expectations were far exceeded at every turn. The Foster team offered exceptional customer service and created an impressive end product. He was so pleased with his experience working with Chad, Suzette, and Connie that he is now very likely to recommend the team to anyone else that he encounters. When choosing a team to create your website, it is crucial to find one that will go above and beyond to provide you with the assistance that you need. Attorney Lafferty experienced this firsthand while working with Foster Web Marketing. From the initial process of getting his website up and running, to the continuous, ongoing support that he received when issues arose, Attorney Lafferty noted the extreme helpfulness and excellent experience he had working with the entire team. When you are ready to learn more about creating a website that will help you win clients and about finding the right team to provide the ongoing help and support that you require, we encourage you to reach out. Even if you already have a website, we can show you how we can improve it to help you get the results that you are looking for. Complete our questionnaire today for a complimentary and comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

    Frank Lafferty
  • Foster Web does their part in building and maintaining our website, and they’ll do whatever they think is best for the site.

    Good web marketing will bring in leads; excellent web marketing will bring in the high quality cases and clients that you are looking for. The best way to generate high quality leads is with the help of an entire web marketing team, devoted to your success. After working with other SEO companies, Galvin realized there was no transparency. He wanted to know where his money was going, and how it was supposed to be bringing him leads. "I’ve worked with other SEO companies, national ones, that produce some very beautiful, flashy websites but at the end of the day they didn’t produce the leads, and I didn’t get the feeling that they could communicate with me and tell me what they were doing behind the scenes, the way, when you’re at Foster Web, you have that experience. They tell you what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how your money is being spent." With the support of his web marketing team, Galvin has been able to manage two successful websites that bring him clients from all over the country. He knows how to maintain open communication with his clients who are located far away, much like he has been able to do with Foster Web Marketing. We meet with Galvin once a month to discuss the performance of his website, and through DSS, Galvin is able to add content to his site whenever he wants. We are thrilled to have a client who has not only watched Foster Web Marketing grow over the years, but has grown with us. To start bringing in the quality clients and cases you are looking for, get a free site analysis today!

    Galvin Kennedy
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