After Years of Bad Experiences with Dishonest Web Providers, William Andrews Shares Why FWM is the Best

"I highly recommend Chad Foster and Foster Web Marketing (FWM). Chad Foster was great to work with throughout the entire experience of FWM building my injury law firm website.

Prior to Great Legal Marketing referring FWM to me, over many years as an attorney I had many bad experiences with other so-called website builders that just lied to me about what they could and would do, were extremely unprofessional, did nothing or did horrible work and cheated me out of many thousands of dollars. Chad Foster, Beth O'Rourke and Karen Hoff at FWM are different; and they are by far the best I have dealt with in their industry throughout my legal career. Chad Foster at FWM was honest, professional, friendly and helpful.

For the first time in my many years as a lawyer, I now have a great, professional, user-friendly website for my injury law firm that I can update and add content to. I am looking forward to my injury law firm website bringing me many wrongful death clients and seriously injured clients and growing my practice to new heights of great success.

Thank you Chad Foster and your great team at FWM!"

William Andrews