From Near Bankruptcy to the Top of the Search Engine Charts: Bill Turley Credits Foster Web Marketing for His Success

Bill Turley of the Turley Law Firm

When you’re a rock star, being at the top of the music charts is a key indicator of your success. Law firms are no different. An effective and informative website will rank highly on search engine results when potential clients turn to the Internet for answers to their questions. High rankings then lead to an increase in both the quantity and quality of the clients for the firm.

Bill Turley of the Turley Law Firm knows this firsthand. Not too long ago, he and his firm were struggling. He was facing a possible bankruptcy if things did not turn around. That is when he decided to call Foster Web Marketing for guidance. Shortly thereafter, Bill saw a dramatic change in the overall success of his firm. Suddenly, he went from struggling to survive, to succeeding beyond every expectation.

Bill makes no secret as to whom he credits with this amazing success story. He thanks Tom Foster and the Foster Web Marketing team profusely for building an engaging website for his law firm, and for giving him all of the skills necessary to have an effective online marketing presence. Bill and his entire family are grateful for their long sought-after success.

If your firm is struggling or underperforming, Foster Web Marketing can help you in the same way that it helped Bill Turley. Is your website the reason that you are not meeting your potential? Call us at 888-886-0939 and we can give you the guidance you need.

Bill Turley

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