How a New Jersey Injury Lawyer Took His Online Marketing to a New Level

When you arrive at your law office each day, the last thing you want to do is start marketing. You have clients to serve. You have cases Manfred Ricciardelli Jr., injury lawyer in New Jerseyto research. You don’t have time to try to figure out new ways to bring more business to your law firm.

Even if you have a solid grip on legal marketing, you might be surprised at how much business you’re leaving on the table by not working with a firm dedicated to helping clients find high-quality lawyers. That was the case for Manfred Ricciardelli Jr., an injury lawyer in New Jersey.

Manfred worked hard to create a web presence that he thought was good enough for his law firm, but not great. He knew he could do more and after doing a significant amount of research, he found a website he loved. When he scrolled to the bottom, he realized the website was made by Foster Web Marketing. Upon finding Foster Web Marketing online, he noticed that Foster Web Marketing did a lot of the websites he loved. That’s when he picked up the one and spoke to a representative.

“A lot of things that (the Foster representative) said confirmed what I found and believed over the course of my research over the last 10 or so years. And then there were a lot of… strategies that I never considered and that I thought were good, and couldn’t believe I didn’t figure them out for myself!”

If you want to find the gaps in your legal marketing strategy, call Foster Web Marketing today. We’ll show you how we can give your law firm a boost online, bringing a flood of new clients to your practice.

Manfred Ricciardelli, Jr.

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