Why, in Spite of My Reservations, I Decided to Choose Foster (And Why I Now Recommend Them to Every Doctor I Meet!)

How We Found Foster Web Marketing and Why We Picked Them

We first started thinking about updating our website because it was old, static, and not working. When I was consulting with Rem Jackson and his team at Top Practices about a fresher approach, they recommended was Foster Web Marketing. However, I wasn’t sure they were the best fit for us. So instead of going with Foster just because Top Practices recommended them, we interviewed several companies. In the end, we went with Foster, but we were still nervous about the commitment.

Foster Web Marketing’s Customer Service Is Off-the-Charts Amazing

We love our new FWM website. It is beautiful and very easy to update, but there was a lot to learn. The Foster system made that painless. I started watching the videos on the site and listening to the webinars, and I learned something new each time I did.

Next step: I started adding content, messing with things, and getting to know the FWM software we use to update the website – DSS (Dynamic Self Syndication). And you know what? I screwed it up a lot! But every time I did, I was able to get hold of either the customer service team or Chad. They were a godsend, helping me and figuring it out each and every time. One weekend we had a big problem on the site. Chad took time from his weekend to clean up the mess, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. That’s the kind of support you need from your web company!

Foster has a lot of great, great information on their site, but the #1 reason I love them is because of their customer support.

And Now the New Patients Keep Rolling in

Our first month on our own with the new Foster website was November 2014. Prior to the launch, we got maybe four new patients through our old website…in three years! And then, in the first month with our Foster site we had 30! Wow!

From then on, we got 35, 45, and then 52 new patients a month from our website. We’ve never seen business pick up that fast! We see over 2,000 patients a month, and 350 or so are new patients. I never thought my biggest problem with my website would be that it was working almost too well!

My System for Keeping Content Rolling in and Social Media Working

Now that our website has proven to be so successful, all of our doctors want to participate and write content. They want to be involved in the marketing themselves – it’s awesome! And not just any way, but the Foster Web Marketing way!

Another key to our success is to brand every office the same. This makes our offices easy to recognize online and makes posting to social media simple. We share three times a week on Facebook and LinkedIn, and by branding every location the same, my time investment has gone from hours a day to minutes! All of this is from advice I’ve gotten from Foster. In fact, our Richmond office already has 60,000 likes on Facebook, so what we’re doing is clearly working.

Who I’ve Been Telling About Foster Web Marketing

I was apprehensive about Foster; I’m the first to admit it. But now I could never, ever go anywhere else. There is no way I could find this kind of support and ease of use anywhere else. This month alone I’ve told eight different podiatrists about Foster: two of them in just three days!

I think that if everyone understood how easy it is to post a blog or to send out email newsletters, they would sign up immediately; the ease is exceptional! To be able to copy and paste from a Word document, and maybe add an image? To just click and be done? Fantastic! If I had known this I would, never, ever, have resisted signing up. I see now just why Rem over at Top Practices was so insistent that it’s Foster Web Marketing or nothing. He was right!

Also, the price is fantastic. And really, what you need to know is that if I can do it this well, anyone can do it!

Jerry Green

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