Scott's thoughts: 

"It's definitely different. You stay away from those 70 or 80-hour work weeks, for the most part. It's nice when you're home at night, or even when you're sleeping, that you still have clients coming in through the Foster Web site. Having clients come to us is not really an issue anymore.  It's almost, we just need to make sure we have enough people to serve the clients in the way that we want to serve our clients. So, our online presence with Foster Web has had an immense impact on quality of life and how we do things as a firm to try to create a really good culture where people like to work."

Sara's thoughts:

"We get leads every day through the website, both from downloads of books and offers that we have, calls from people finding us on the website. And, we've learned so much about SEO. We've learned the importance of not necessarily being on Page 1, but being in your local box. And, the website has really helped us. We could hear that lesson, but to see that lesson and see the leads come in is a great identifier."


Scott Swier and Sara Travis