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Misty McNeill of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle knew that her web marketing was in serious need of some attention. She heard about Foster Web Marketing through the Top Practices Summit and was eager to start her website build. That enthusiasm came with a bit of a shock—Misty knew that web marketing was an investment, but she was not thrilled by the idea of "spending money to make money." However, her anxiety quickly disappeared and was replaced with relief and excitement when she realized how much business the website was bringing in!

"The day I signed up for my website, I was literally gasping at the price. I actually told my marketer to not show me the bill when it came every month! Now I happily pay that bill…in fact, I don't even blink an eye.

"Patients come in all the time saying they LOVE our website! They love the information and they feel like they know us already. Best thing is, they are ready to listen to us and trust us before ever stepping in the door. The website isn't always their referral source, but after we have been recommended it confirms their choice. I would tell anyone: if you're worried about the price…it will pay for itself in a heartbeat!"

Misty McNeill

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