Take the Mystery Out of Marketing on the Web, and Take Action!

San Francisco attorney Vaughn de Kirby, used to be stumped when it came to online marketing for his California immigration law firm. That is until he attended a presentation by Tom Foster.

From Confusing to Clear

According to Vaughn de Kirby, “Tom is quite simply ‘the man’ when it comes to the web!”

Immediately after hearing Tom Foster talk about online marketing, Vaughn de Kirby and his team took action to boost his San Francisco immigration law firm on the web.

“Through his presentation we were given a window to the mystery of web success. I was able to take action on his recommendations while sitting at the airport on the way home. Taking action on Tom's insight paid for the trip several times over!”

Using Success as an Example

One of Vaughn de Kirby’s tips to building his law firm on the Internet is to look at the strategies used by other top-notch lawyers. When Vaughn de Kirby looked around at what other successful attorneys were doing online, he immediately noticed a common thread.

“Universally, every attorney that I have found that is really successful has a powerful website, and many of them—most of the ones I know—have a Foster site.”

After learning a tremendous amount from Tom Foster about online marketing for lawyers, and seeing first-hand how other attorneys achieved success with Foster Web Marketing, Vaughn de Kirby was convinced.

“I knew that Foster Web Marketing could deliver the best site and also give me the resources, support, and instruction to bring my site to the first page of Google.”

If you want to demystify online marketing once and for all like Vaughn de Kirby, we can help. Give us a call to discuss your website and discover the power the Internet can have on your law firm.

Vaughn de Kirby

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