Tap into Your Client’s Senses by Using Video Marketing in Your Law Firm

When it comes to reaching new clients, John P. Rosenberg understands the impact words can have on potential clients. He also understands that any lawyer can put words on their website. The great websites are the ones that add an extra dimension to them by using video.

Forming a Personal Connection Through Video Marketing

Personal injury attorney John P. Rosenberg found a uniquely powerful way of differentiating himself online. By using video, he is now able to speak to his clients through his website. In addition to letting website visitors know about his practice, he gives them a sense of who he is as a person. When an injury victim visits him in the office for the first time, they feel closer and more connected than they would with any other lawyer that does not use video to promote their practice.

"Everybody needs to differentiate themselves and lawyers are no different. Video is a unique tool that gives an almost sensory communication to people that might be visiting a website. Anybody can put up words, but my clients, when they've come to me, typically they come to me and meet me in person after they've been to my website. Through going to the website, they get a sense of not just what the website is about, or the nature of my practice, but by looking at the video they get a sense of who I am and that's a visceral feeling that is communicated only through video that can be very persuasive and powerful. And I've used that, I believe, to create effect through my website and it's brought people to me that I've been able to serve and it's been just great."

If you’d like to put video to work for your business in the same way John Rosenberg has, Foster Web Marketing can help. Give us a call to set up your consultation and learn just how easy it is to differentiate yourself with video marketing!


John P. Rosenberg

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