"You always get the sense that they’re working as a team"

My name is Galvin Kennedy and I’ve worked with Foster Web Marketing for about 3 or 4 years, now. They designed one website for me (TexasOvertimeAttorney.com) and it got such great results that we decided to use them to design another website,(PharmacyErrorLawFirm.com) not just because they produce results, which I always measure by quality of leads which determine the clients, but because you always get the sense that they’re working as a team.

I’ve worked with other SEO companies, national ones, that produce some very beautiful, flashy websites but at the end of the day they didn’t produce the leads, and I didn’t get the feeling that they could communicate with me and tell me what they were doing behind the scenes, the way, when you’re at Foster Web, you have that experience. They tell you what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how your money is being spent.

My practice is based in Houston, and of course Foster Web Marketing is based in the D.C. area, and that is no problem whatsoever. We have monthly chats via skype and chat and on the phone and we’re all hooked up to whatever software they use, and we’re all looking at the same reports. We have the whole team there, from Tom to Elizabeth, and Gretchen to Connie, and everyone else on their team, so we can review the performance of the website. So the distance makes no difference whatsoever, just like in my practice. We represent clients from all over the country; it doesn’t matter where they’re from. I focus on representing clients that haven’t been paid their correct wages, so we take referrals from all over the country.

So Foster Web does their part in building and maintaining our website, and they’ll do whatever they think is best for the website. In addition to that, we use DSS to build the content that we want to put on there. We write content for our own blog, we also have a separate PR firm that, once in a while, will write content for us, and so we can also put that on the site. And so we work hand in hand to come up with a website that works.

I was with Foster Web when they were at another location, in a smaller building, and now they’ve moved over a larger building. I’ve taken a tour of their office here, and I’ve met the entire team, and it’s a very friendly place. They’ve got it set up exactly how you’d think of a modern SEO company. I feel like I’m at the beginning groundwork for Google. It’s how I envision the beginning of Google would be.


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