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 You and your team are fully capable of making impactful sales videos that help your bottom line—without hiring anyone. And you can have fun with it! 

Attorneys and podiatrists are typically seen as buttoned up and serious, so setting yourself apart with a little fun can make a huge difference. If you can find the humor in it, you can find a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience. Just one really great video could even garner serious results!

Still skeptical? Don’t count comedy out just yet. Joseph Wilkins has found the tried-and-true formula for creating funny sales videos that sell. It’s not necessarily easy to get it right every time. But, hey, there is hope in the world—believe it—and comedy has a way of touching hearts and attracting attention. 

Check out this episode to learn all about:

1:55 Joseph’s Creative Origins

2:58 The Great Media Shift

4:05 How Video Gets Recognized

5:27 What Captured You?

8:57 8 Simple-to-Follow Steps

9:38 Step 1: Discovery

12:22 Step 2: Brainstorm

15:32 Step 3: Scripting

17:35 Step 4: Adding Comedy

19:49 Step 5: Production

28:36 Step 6: Editing

31:01 Step 7: Testing

34:18 Step 8: Production

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