Are you using or abusing social networking for your attorney website?

When we convince our attorney clients that they need to jump into social media, often a lot of time and energy goes into creating a Facebook page and Twitter account for the firm. Unfortunately, once the initial excitement dies down those once promising pages are neglected or abused.

The two main ways attorneys abuse social media

  1. The "set and forget" - Did you set up automatic feeds to your Twitter or Facebook account to share content that you add to your website... and that's it? We see this one a lot - attorneys are busy folks, and you may think that you're participating in social media just by doing automatic updates. However, think about this from your follower's perspective - what is interesting about a scheduled feed? Remember that the most successful people on social media share something of themselves.
  2. The absentee parent - You set up your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts with the best intentions, but you rarely or never check in. If you went to the trouble of getting social media accounts for your firm, USE THEM! The whole point of social media is that it gives you a voice, and allows you to develop a relationship of trust with your followers. You'd be crazy to not take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity.

The bottom line: set some time aside each day or at least every other day to update your social media accounts, and give your followers a reason to pay attention to what you have to say.

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