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So here is a quick example of how an attorney that is active on Twitter was able to find a potential client pretty easily. Jennifer Cohen, who does some social media marketing for some of our clients from time to time, was recently loading groceries into her car near where she lives on a busy street. Somebody came by and his her car door while it was open. The insurance company ruled it to be her fault (let's not turn this into a debate please :) ), and she had to pay the deductible to get her car fixed. She was upset and started looking more into it. Here is one message that she tweeted:

This resulted in a direct message from a local attorney who is obviously familiar with Twitter:

I'll share that attorney's profile after I publish this post and contact him/her to see if it's okay. Anyways, how did this attorney know that Jennifer tweeted that, and how was he able to find her? Pretty simple. This attorney might not have even had to be on Twitter, Tweetdeck, or anything else, they just had to have e-mail access. There are Twitter alert services out there like Twilert that allow you to set up email alerts based on specified keywords that are relevant to your practice. So this attorney could have had "car accident", "insurance", etc. set up as his or her alerts which is how he found Jennifer (who is likely going to hire them by the way, she was impressed that the attorney took the initiative and is tech-savvy enough to find her). He/she also used the advanced settings feature on either TweetBeep or Twilert to only alert him if these keywords are tweeted by a Twitter user within a certain number of miles from the zip code where he/she practices law. Then, it's as easy as sending her an @ message, or going the extra mile to follow her and send her a Direct Message. It's obviously worth the time to sit down and create a number of these alerts. Think of anything that someone might tweet about that relates to your practice, set up how often you would like to be alerted, hit save, and wait for the leads to come "flying" in. Okay maybe not, but even if you only get one lead a year by doing this, it took you a half an hour to set it all up, if that's not proving Twitter's potential ROI I don't know what is. Oh, and remember to PLEASE build value on your Twitter profile. The idea is to share, not continuously self-promote and only tweet when you have a new blog post.  

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