Four Attorney Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Trends For 2012

They say that change is the only constant in this world – and this perhaps is even more true when it comes to the Internet, online marketing, and search engine optimization. While constant change can be seen as frustrating, overwhelming, and even annoying, it’s still going to happen no matter what. That’s where another saying comes in handy: embrace change! If you see change as an opportunity instead of a roadblock, then change can become your attorney marketing plan’s best friend. 

With that said, what are some marketing strategy changes that everyone is talking about in 2012? Let’s look at four big ones:

  • SoLoMo marketing. These three syllables are in the mouth of every online marketing expert in the country. Forget everything that came before – with the advent of smartphones and tablets, the main focus of marketers will be the magical combination of Social, Local, and Mobile strategies.
  • Creating communities. It’s not enough anymore to have a thousand friends on Facebook or ten thousand followers on Twitter – it’s about how these followers interact with your law firm and with each other. 2011 might have been about friend requests, but 2012 is about community building and the power of groups.
  • Harnessing Google+. Some people have already written off the new social media platform, but Google is married to the project and ready to put in even more time and energy to make the website the new “must visit” for people around the world. This year will probably see a number of exciting developments on the site and more active users.
  • Non-linear conversion paths. In the old days, you might measure the success of your web marketing plan by how many people contacted your website directly. However, due to more mobile users, social networking, and a greater focus on local marketing, it’s harder to monitor conversion. And, while that may make it harder to analyze your marketing strategies, it also makes online marketing more exciting and interesting than ever.

Do you want to make sure that your attorney search engine marketing strategies advance with the times? Call the team at Foster Web Marketing today to be certain that 2012 doesn’t leave your lawyer homepage behind.

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