This month we’ve been talking a lot about how to make your web content more accessible, readable, and clear for your web visitors – through using subheads, ditching technical attorney talk, and avoiding very short and very long articles. However, it’s important to note that it’s not just what your articles say that matters, it’s also how you present them. Great attorney content doesn’t mean anything if you don’t present it properly.


Choose an appropriate font size.

Setting the font size too small on your web content can make it difficult to read, intimidate readers, and increase your bounce rate (ultimately hurting your SEO and page rank). Setting your font size too big can require too much scrolling or and make your content difficult to follow. A medium-sized font is inviting and easy to read without being imposing. If you aren’t sure what is correct, speak with a web designer for more information.


Remember the importance of white space.

Have you ever seen an old-timey newspaper – one with a dozen narrow columns and few pictures and headlines? Think about how uninviting and difficult that is to read. White, empty space may seem boring to some, but in fact it helps showcase your content and make it more accessible to readers. Be sure that you have white space above, below, and to the sides of your content – and that there is enough white space in between the lines of your text.


Ask us about content writing for attorneys.

At Foster Web Marketing, we understand that great written content and great attorney web design go hand in hand – and that one is useless without the other. If you need assistance with your lawyer website, call us today to get started.

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