Isn’t It Enough to Add My Attorney Video Marketing Content to My Website?

Many small business owners make the mistake of creating an online video and failing to promote it. They are under the mistaken impression that simply adding a business video to their websites is enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as posting a video to your own website. If you want to make a truly successful video for your law firm, you will need to put a little further effort into an effective attorney video marketing campaign to promote it and reach your target audience.  

Google Depends on You to Understand What Your Video Has to Offer

Unlike the text content of your website, Google can’t really “see” your video content when it indexes your site. Although just the appearance of video content on your site may give your overall search engine rankings a small boost and make direct visitors to your site happy, optimizing your video and submitting it to social and video search sites helps Google better understand what your video has to offer and how users are responding to it—which ultimately means you’re helping Google send relevant potential clients your way. 

If you want your video marketing campaign to be successful, it is up to you to add relevant keywords to your title and tags, provide an accurate description, submit your video to other sites, and promote your video so that your target audience can see it. 

How to Get Started with a Successful Attorney Video Marketing Campaign

If you want to get started with attorney video marketing but aren’t sure where to start, Foster Web Marketing would be happy help you navigate the confusing world of online video marketing. Give our friendly video SEO team a call today at 1-888-886-0939, and learn more by requesting our helpful, FREE guide for business owners, The Small Business Guide to YouTube: How to Get Found by the World’s Most Aggressive Internet Users And Never Miss Another Lead.  

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