Five Tips for Using Pinterest for Attorney Social Media Marketing

At just over two years old and with 11 million unique visitors per month, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media website in history. The image-based social networking platform, which allows users to categorize and “pin” pictures onto a virtual corkboard, appeals widely to women, artists, shoppers, and middle-aged users – though the demographic is rapidly changing and expanding.

Is Pinterest the new Facebook or Twitter? Perhaps not. But it is a creative and popular new way to engage in visual social media marketing – and to connect with users in a way that your competition probably hasn’t discovered yet. Although many law firms don’t believe there are many ways to visually market legal services, there are plenty of ways to get creative:

  • Pin pictures of your office, your staff, and your local area.
  • Pin “behind the scenes” pictures of what goes on at your office.
  • Pin your logo.
  • Pin short and pithy legal tips and information. 
  • Pin infographics.
  • Pin your contact information.
  • Pin PowerPoint slides.
  • Pin the covers to your free guides.
  • Pin pictures from office events, charity events, and community events.
  • Pin your headshot and a short bio or caption.

In addition, don’t forget to “re-pin” interesting and relevant legal images (as long as they aren’t from the competition). Half of social media marketing is about adding new material, but the other half is about interacting with others on the website.

Feeling lost or overwhelmed in the ever-changing world of social media marketing and the brand new world of visual social networking? We can help. Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939 to perfect your online attorney marketing strategy.

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