They Tied Up Their Laces and Ran for Hydrocephalus! What Are You Doing in Your Community?

It is something that I was born with, but I don’t talk about often. It is also something that I wasn’t diagnosed with until I was fourteen years old. This something has a name—hydrocephalus. 

For the last three years, I have been involved with a non-profit group, known as the Hydrocephalus Association, which raises awareness and funding to aid in the research of hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus can be defined as “an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within cavities of the brain called ventricles.” This condition is generally diagnosed at birth and is often fatal. I am one of the fortunate individuals, who has survived four brain surgeries and has very few side effects from it. 

Run (or Walk) for Hydrocephalus

In an effort to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus, which is the organization’s mission, the Hydrocephalus Association works with local volunteers to hold walks and runs in various cities throughout the year. The most recent run took place in Washington D.C. Do you want to know who ran in my honor? None other than the great team at Foster Web Marketing!

Why did Foster Web Marketing jump in and participate in the National Capital Hydrocephalus Run/Walk? In their own words, “This is a cause near and dear to us because one of our team members has battled hydrocephalus.” Everyone got together and planned to participate in the event. They surprised me with the news!   

There were a total of 15 participants, including Tom Foster, Danielle Ruderman, Beth O’Rourke (and her son, Sean), Karen Hoff, Jim Folliard, Mike Knetemann, Greg Westneat, Jenna Wright, Samantha Elbouez, Yung Jeng, Sara Lubkin and Pauline Merritt's husband, George (and their two sons, William and Kyle). Pauline cheered from the sidelines and Don Napoleon ran over 3 miles in spirit of the event, as he couldn’t be there in person. The other amazing members of the Foster Web Marketing team gave their support and cheers from afar.  Foster Web Marketing, along with the individual participants, was able to raise an impressive amount for the Hydrocephalus Association! 

How can I ever say thank you enough to such a thoughtful and caring team? I am proud of each and every one of you and am so very grateful for what you did!

When Was the Last Time You Got Out There?

What are you doing to get involved in the community? Are you supporting the causes that are important to your staff and co-workers? Follow the example of Foster Web Marketing and get out there! 

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