Pick the Training Tool That’s Right for You: Four Ways to Educate Yourself About Online Attorney Marketing

One of the things that make Foster Web Marketing different from other online marketing companies is that we understand that different clients have different needs. Some want to delegate and outsource their marketing projects, while others want to learn how to market themselves. Still others fall somewhere in the middle: they want guidance and information as well as a helping hand.

We also understand that every person learns differently – some benefit from learning in a group setting, some benefit from one-on-one instruction, and some enjoy teaching themselves. With this in mind, Foster Web Marketing offers attorneys and other professionals four different ways to engage in learning about online marketing:

  • Our FWM Academy training seminars. These intensive, 2-day training programs take place several times a year across the country. They are geared toward attorneys who are motivated to learn, looking for new strategies, and flourish in an in-person group setting.
  • Our FWM Academy DVD/CD training packages. If you can’t make it to one of our training seminars, the Academy can come to you. This set of DVDs, CDs, and worksheets can help you no matter where you are located and even if your budget doesn’t allow for travel. They are also ideal for those who learn best at their own pace and on their own.
  • Our monthly training webinars. All of our clients are invited to attend free, monthly webinars that offer continued education and training to those who wish to learn and grow with the ever-changing world of online marketing. Presenters and topics vary, but the information presented can always help your business improve and grow.
  • Our free online education library & blog. Another free option—this one available to anyone with an internet connection—is our online article library and blog. We regularly post on a variety of marketing topics. New content is up almost every day, and much of it is geared toward lawyers and other professionals. This is a great place to start if you aren’t sure whether we are a good fit for your marketing solutions.

Do one or more of these educational and training options sound like they may be ideal for your law firm or business? Give us a call to get your questions answered, sign up for a program, or discuss your marketing needs at 888-886-0939.

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