It's All in the Details: How to Run a Successful Free Offer Campaign

"Free" is a powerful word. Study after study shows that free offers dramatically increase conversion rates. But, just like any marketing tool, there is a right and a wrong way to do free offers.

Getting Top Results From Your Free Offer

We often speak about the power of a free book on your attorney website, and books are a good place to start. However, our research has shown that books alone do not a successful free offer campaign make. We have found that the following offers attract the most attention:

  1. Bumper stickers
  2. Coloring books
  3. Niche or gender-focused books and guides, such as A Guide to Divorce for Women or Get Out of Bankruptcy Debt
  4. Accident kits with cell phone charger
  5. Books or guides that offer to reveal "secrets"

The thing all these offers have in common is that they are free and appeal to a certain demographic. By offering free items to your ideal clients, you are speaking to an audience that is ready to listen—and, hopefully, ready to hire an attorney. If your offer is good and helps them in their time of need, then they are much more likely to hire you over a competitor who has nothing free and tangible to offer.

This isn't conjecture. Our research has proven that free offers work. We found that, out of the over 75,000 website contacts so far in 2013, 26,681—35 percent of the total—came from free offers. So if you don't have free offers on your site, and if you aren't promoting them, you could be missing out on numerous highly motivated clients.

Build a Better Contact Form

After you have crafted your free offer—or better yet, free offers—you'll need to consider the creation of contact forms. The contact form should be specific to the type of information you are offering:

  • Downloadable offers. You should limit the required fields for short offers and guides that will be sent as a PDF file. This will encourage people to fill in the form, as it requires no physical address or phone number. The form should include fields for a name and email address only. This will allow you to send the file and follow-up emails in the form of a drip campaign and is less intimidating than a longer form.
  • Physical offers. When you offer a bumper sticker, coloring book, or printed book, you'll need an address. Therefore, people will be willing to fill out a longer form that includes name, street address, phone number, and email. The benefit of a longer form is that, with the address provided, you will be able to send out traditional, snail-mail marketing materials, such as postcards and printed newsletters.

Now that you have contact information, make good use of it. A drip campaign will keep your law firm on the minds of those who were already interested enough to request a free offer.    

Keep the Free Information Coming

After sending out the free offer, either by snail mail or email, you'll want to follow up. The most effective way to do so is through the use of a drip campaign. The most effective drip campaigns include:

  • A “thank you” page on your website
  • A “thank you” email and/or physical letter sent after the offer is received
  • Mailed postcards and monthly newsletters
  • A series of emails, spread out over time, that cover the topic your offer addressed

If you want to do free offers well, there are a lot of details to get right. To get help creating effective free offers, or to hire our team to write and set up an automated drip campaign for your law firm, call 888-430-8377. Our attorney web marketing firm has the tools you need to win your local market and beat out your competition.


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