Thinking of Stepping Into the Social Media Jungle? Consider Immunizing Your Social Media Plan First

If you decided to explore the jungles of Costa Rica, one of the first things you would need to do is ensure that you're immunized against the diseases unique to the area. You would plan ahead, get the shots you need, and enter into your trip confident that you were protected from the serious illnesses that you may be exposed to.

Immunizing Your Social Media Campaign

The same is true for navigating the jungle that is social media. Social media is a moving, living, and breathing ecosystem, full of dangerous, image-destroying illnesses not found in traditional web marketing campaigns. To help protect you from such illnesses, we've come up with a list of the most common social media campaign diseases and the immunizations that can keep your social media campaign healthy:

  • Too Many Posts-itis. This dangerous illness—also known as “diarrhea of the fingers”—can make followers and friends leave your social media accounts in droves. Nobody wants a news feed filled with endless chatter from friends and family members—let alone an attorney! Immunization: As a general guide, post no more than once a day on Google+ and Facebook, and don't Tweet more than three times a day.
  • Off-Topic Influenza. Your posts should inform, enlighten, and entertain. However, there is a fine line between sharing relevant information and getting too personal. When you post anything to a social media site, ensure that it's something you would say to a client or potential client. Immunization: To judge the effectiveness of your posts and tweets, make note of which get likes and shares, and which sit without comment. Include more of the popular post types, and ditch those that are ignored.
  • Detached Posting Disease. Not responding when people comment on your posts, mention you, or post on your social media accounts makes you seem cold and indifferent. Potential clients want to know that you will be there for them when they need you. If you fail to stay involved with your audience, it will be assumed that you won't answer calls or be available to help. Immunization: Respond to all of the posts, re-Tweets, and comments that you get. Even a quick "Thank you!" will do. Answer questions that people ask, and thank them for their comments. The few moments it takes to stay involved will protect your image and keep your audience coming back for more.     

Still Scared? We Have Guides for Hire

We hope that our vaccines will be enough to protect you from the most deadly social media campaign illnesses. But, if you're still scared to step into the shadowy paths of social media, we can help.

Call 888-886-0939 to speak to our attorney social media experts.


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