You’ve written a killer AdWords ad. You’ve done your keyword research. You are getting lots of clicks – but you aren’t really seeing concrete results. People visit your attorney website, but they quickly click away. What are you doing wrong? 

To make the fix, you may want to consider what page on your website your ad takes visitors to: is your landing page your home page? Is it a page with a free offer? Is it a practice area page? 

Studies have shown that what your landing page looks like is vital to conversion – most visitors only look at your site for five seconds before deciding to click away. What do they look for in those five seconds? Very basically, they want a webpage that is relevant to the keywords that they typed into Google. 

Ask yourself the following four questions: 

  • Does your landing page deliver what your ad promised? 
  • Does your landing page answer the question that your visitor is asking? 
  • Is your landing page easy to read and navigate? 
  • Does your landing page have a clear call to action? 

Too often, attorneys make the mistake of choosing their homepage for their landing page for all of their Google AdWords ads. While this is sometimes a good idea, other times the homepage is too vague or too general to reel in your visitors. Attorneys expect visitors to click on the ad and then browse their website for more specific information, but the truth is that most visitors want answers more quickly and with minimal clicks.  

Do you need assistance choosing or editing your AdWords landing page? Or are you having trouble turning AdWords clicks into new cases, clients, and calls? Contact Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939 to get help. 

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