Your attorney website shows up on the first page of search results, and you are using every social media outlet available. But your Facebook page...why does this page never show up on a search result page? You make sure that you post, comment, and update. What more does it take? Here are four tips to help solve this dilemma:


  • 1. Set-up a custom URL. Facebook offers you your own custom URL after you have reached 25 "likes." Your URL will look something like this: Keep in mind, though, that once it is set, it is set.
  • 2. Use your company name. Make sure that the name you choose for your Facebook page is as close as possible to, if not the same, as your actual company name.
  • 3. Fill out your company information. Fill it all out! Keywords, description, about, general information, etc. The more information you have in this area the better.
  • 4. Share the link. Provide the link to your Facebook page on your homepage and on each page of your main website.


You have taken the time to make sure that your attorney website is not lost in the plethora of search results; make sure that your Facebook page rises to the top as well.

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