There are many parts to creating a successful website video. You must pay attention to a video’s length, content, graphics, speed, volume, and even the “feel” of the video. After mastering all of those different aspects, it’s natural to want to just load the thing and get it out into cyberspace.

But, once the director yells, “Cut!” and the editors provide a final version, the work isn’t done. In order for the masterpiece to find its way to the people who you want to see it, there are certain steps you must take. One of the most important steps involves giving the video a title that sounds good and attracts the type of viewers and potential clients you are going after. Ideally, your video title will make people actually watch the video that you put so much time, effort, and money into.

Not sure what to title your video? The SEO experts at Foster Web Marketing understand that it is not easy, which is why we compiled a list of tips on how to create the perfect video title:

  1. Keep it concise. Video titles should be short and to the point. Viewers should be able to tell at a glance what the video is about.
  2. Keep it short. Long titles cause viewers to lose interest before they even know what the video is about. Giving your video a long title also runs the risk of the full wording not showing up in search engine results.
  3. Keep it accurate. Nothing will make viewers more frustrated with your video and your channel than discovering that the video that they clicked on has nothing to do with what they thought it did. Fluffing a video title to make it sound good will only cause you to lose a viewer permanently, and you will also lose the credibility that you have worked your whole career to earn.
  4. Keep it under 100 characters, including spaces. This goes along with number two’s tip of “keep it short,” but it’s important to understand that video titles are most beneficial when they are no more than 60 characters long, including spaces. This is because, despite the fact that there is space for 100 characters in the YouTube title field, only 50-55 characters are actually visible to a user in the search results. You only have a few fleeting seconds to convince a viewer to click on your video, so make sure that anything you need to say in the title is right there in the search results.
  5. Keep it current. Forming your video titles around current events is a good way to grab your viewers’ attention, especially when you are able to point out a connection between whatever is going on in the world and the message you are trying to convey in your video.
  6. Keep it simple. Nothing will kill the chances of your video being watched faster than using uncommon legal jargon. People are searching for legal help because they are not attorneys, so don’t title your videos as if you are talking to another lawyer.

For more tips on how to create a perfect video title that is sure to draw in the visitors you are looking for, contact the video optimization experts at Foster Web Marketing. Simply call toll-free at 888-886-0939, fill out the online form to the right, or live chat with one of our representatives to schedule an appointment today.

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