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If you think social media begins and ends with Facebook, you are missing out on some seriously powerful marketing opportunities. Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even YouTube offer opportunities to connect with your community. Each account you create on a social media outlet increases your online exposure. And, unlike many online marketing opportunities for attorneys, social media sites are free to join.      

Of course, signing up is not enough. In order to take full advantage of social media, you must update your page on a regular basis, ensuring that you stay in front of your audience. In this way, you will be the first attorney they think of when they or someone they know needs a lawyer.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

As an attorney, your primary focus should be on your clients. And, while social media is a free marketing opportunity for your law firm, you know that your time is worth something. Because of this, our social media team can create a custom social media package that addresses your unique needs. Our social media services include:

  • Setting up your social media accounts
  • Running contests and campaigns to bring attention, likes, and follows to your pages
  • Posting on your behalf
  • Working to improve your social network of attorneys and other professionals

We've Got Your Social Media Services Packed Up and Ready to Go

Our social media packages give you the flexibility to pick and choose the services you want, so you are assured the perfect fit. Call 888.886.0939 to jumpstart your social media campaign and improve the number and quality of contacts you get.  

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