Social Media Share Buttons: Word of Mouth Evolved

As of December 2010, there were 1,536,799 non-business filings of bankruptcy. That number represents a massive amount of people in this country who need your help. In order to ask for your help, they need to be able to find you - and find you quickly. Your bankruptcy lawyer marketing plan needs to use all the avenues of web advertisement available. A huge avenue that you should not be missing is social media.

Now, you may already be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others, but how are future clients finding you on those sites? Are you making them search, or are you automatically showing up in their searches because a friend of a friend of a friend already posted one of your interesting and relevant articles?

Beat Them to the Chase
You see the buttons on almost every website these days – the light blue square with a “t” in the middle, the dark blue square with the “f,” or the white button with “+1” in blue. These buttons are called “social media share buttons,” and they will help to post your practice throughout the internet without you having to lift a finger. Here is how they work:

  • Future client #1 types “will I lose my house if I file for bankruptcy?” into Google.
  • The second search result is your practice, and the future client clicks on the link.
  • Your article on this topic is exactly what he is looking for, and he is beginning to regain his confidence.
  • He decides that your article is so informative that he wants to share it instantly.
  • The future client clicks on the Facebook share button because that is the social media site he uses the most.

By sharing it through Facebook, this future client has just advertised your bankruptcy attorney practice to all 300 of his friends. This was all accomplished by you writing a great article and a future client clicking a button. Simple.

Do not forget to add social media share buttons to enhance your bankruptcy lawyer marketing instantly. Let your future clients do some of the work for you, and allow them to share your expertise. To find out more about social media marketing, come to our experts at Foster Web Marketing. Call 888.886.0939 today.
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