Wow, That’s a Little Too Personal! – Social Media Tips for Lawyers

Social media provides a unique opportunity to attorneys that wasn’t previously available.  With social media, lawyers can build relationships with people they might never have met in person.  Through social networking sites, such as Facebook, you can create trust and establish yourself as an expert on everything legal-related.  With all that being said, you can quickly blow it, if you get a little too personal on Facebook.

What should you share on Facebook?

e have talked to lawyers who don’t want to get involved in social media, out of fear that they will lose their privacy.  The idea of sharing personal details of their lives doesn’t sound overly appealing.  If you are signed up for Facebook, you know what they are talking about.  There are always those people who post status updates that make you blush. They “air their dirty laundry” and leave you wondering if you read their post correctly.

Here’s the thing - there is a way to provide a glimpse into your personal life, without going too far.

When talking to Ross Jurewitz, a San Diego injury attorney who has discovered how to use social media to grow his law firm, you get a great explanation of what should be shared.  According to Ross, if you wouldn’t say it in mixed company, don’t post the information on Facebook.  You have to practice commonsense and decorum.

Find your balance.
Don’t take the opposite approach and choose not to share anything about yourself.  You need to be able to show your personality.  If something good has happened in your life, such as a wedding, birth or other exciting event, share it with the group.

You have quirks and interests, strengths and flaws.  Give your potential clients a rounded picture of who you are and let them see that you are more than just a lawyer.

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