The Facebook Times Are a-Changin’

Again, Facebook has decided to update/change/improve (or, according to some users, worsen) their user interface, and these changes may affect your social media marketing for your attorney website.


Now, instead of viewing all the changes you may make to your page, a "fan" of your page will perhaps see the change if you are a "Top Story," or if your recent change does not drown under other recent changes from other pages. In order for one of your fans to always see your changes, they must subscribe and choose that option.


How can you make sure this happens?



Constant, sincere, and relevant engagement is now needed for your clients to take the time to subscribe to all of your posts, pictures, articles, statuses, etc. As it is with your website, your Facebook page now needs to invite your clients to interact with your page. Ask questions for your clients to answer, post an article that will warrant comments, and (of course) make all your updates interesting.


If there is no desire to visit your Facebook page, then there is no desire to subscribe to your changes.


Make sure that your clients and future clients want to always view your changes as top stories on their feed. Engage your clients, ask for their voice, and they will ask for yours.

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