Three Tips to Make Your Drip Campaigns More Effective Conversion Tools

Perhaps the most overlooked element of an effective marketing campaign is the follow-up sequence. Also known as a drip campaign or autoresponder, this is the series of emails, postcards, hand written notes, phone calls, and direct mail that you send a potential client. You've worked hard to generate leads from your website, so here are a few tips to make your follow-up sequences a more powerful conversion tool:


  • Use other tools other than email. Email marketing has become the cheapest online marketing tool available to most law firms. It is easy to track opens, clicks, and the traffic it sends to your website. But it's not the right marketing tool to reach every potential client. Some people ignore what they perceive to be "junk" email. Others simply respond better to a direct mail piece or a personal phone call from someone at your office. Tools like Blue Orchid and Infusionsoft allow you to integrate these into your campaigns. Consider the marketing that you respond to and see how you can apply it to your firm.

  • Stick to education-based marketing. Educational marketing is the best and most effective way to communicate with a potential client. Rather than trying to sell yourself, you are offering helpful information that positions you as the go-to expert in the field. No one wants to read about how great your firm is, but lots of people want to know how uninsured motorist coverage can affect their estate planning. A drip campaign is the perfect place to use your extensive knowledge of your practice areas to convert your contacts into real clients.

  • Automate it. You are a busy lawyer and you do not have time to follow up with each person that contacts you 12-18 times over the course of 6 months. You must automate the process in order for it be effective. Keep an inventory of your books and other marketing materials, and find a printer or hire an intern that can help send packages and mail while you focus on being a lawyer.


If you aren't following up with every contact that comes into your office, you are missing cases. It's that simple. For more information about follow-up sequences and other web marketing tools, call Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939.




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