Less Time on Twitter, More Time Exercising

Spending time on Twitter or Facebook, reading your daily Google RSS feed, and other time consuming daily "tasks" that you complete can be extremely addicting. Twitter has recently been labelled by many as a "time waster", but did you ever think that you could use that time a little bit better? My clients and co-workers (myself included, actually) tell me all of the time how hard it is to budget time to get off of the PC/Mac and actually EXERCISE. Afterall, do you ever think about how much more motivated and how great of a mood you are in after a fulfilling workout? Most of our clients are stuck in a law office for up to 12 hours a day, and when you add in court appearances and client visits, their time is VERY hard to manage. That being said, I was talking to a good friend of mine, Washington, DC personal trainer Josef Brandenburg, at the Glazer Kennedy conference in Chicago over the weekend and he game me some good tips on how to maximize your workout with a minimum amount of time.

  • "What you need is a short program that you can do on Monday that will still be burning body-fat come Tuesday.  That’s how you get the body you want at your desk.  That is NOT a pie in the sky wish.  I do this with my clients all the time, and its something you can do too."
  • "With regular exercise like jogging, you only get paid once (and poorly).  If you go jogging for an hour, you get one hour of benefit and no more.  You will burn a few extra calories, and a little bit of extra fat.  BUT when you’re done with your jog your body will just get hungrier and eventually force you to replace those calories.  The net result is almost nothing."
  • "Recent research in the Journal of Obesity shows that men who did 6 hours of aerobic exercise for an entire YEAR dropped only 6.5lbs of fat (less than 4 for women).  20 pounds will cost you 18 hours per week for a year!"
  • What to do instead: Metabolic resistance training (MRT).  MRT is an intense resistance workout where you alternate an upper and a lower body exercise that each work a lot of muscle at once. So, a bicep curl would be out since you work only one muscle, but a chin-up (assisted) would be a great upper body choice.  You would alternate that with a lower body exercise like a squat.  The intense nature of MRT gives you a HUGE ROE.
  • Research shows that this kind of a workout causes your body to switch over to burning your own stored fat for the next 24 to 36 hours.  In addition to burning away your fat, you will also build some muscle that will make you look a lot better at the beach whether you’re a man or a woman. Plus you’ll get the cardio workout of your life.

Josef went on to tell me that he was over 50 lbs overweight before trying this exercise. He had tried everything from running ever day to every extreme diet on television and nothing had worked. After he dropped 50 pounds using this workout, he said he's been able to keep the weight off and has curbed his appetite (and became a full-time personal trainer in the process)! Twitter, Facebook, Google analytics, blogs.... all of this is great, but just be aware of how much time you're spending Tweeting and how much time you're budgeting for yourself. If you're like me, you're not one of those guys who stand around in the gym talking in between reps because you just don't have the time, but with Josef's tips you can maximize those precious few minutes and see some better results in your daily energy level.

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