The ABC’s (and XYZ’s) of Creating a Twitter Account for Your Law Firm

To tweet or not to tweet?

Although Twitter’s growth has skyrocketed over the last year, with a current number of 175 million registered users, it is still somewhat of an obscure concept to many people.

Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media website. According to Twitter’s own website, is “a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.”

If you haven’t used Twitter before, you need to give it a try. Attorneys, just like you, are using it to connect with potential clients and influencers who can send them referrals. Below is a guide to creating a Twitter account for your law firm:
  1. Sign up for an account. The account is free. If possible, pick out a username that contains your geo-location and what you do. For example, if you are a Tampa car accident lawyer, see if that username is available.
  2. Provide information on why people should follow you. Make sure to include as many details as possible and throw some keywords into the mix. You should also try to include a link to your website in your profile. However, be sure to include personal information, such as your favorite sports team or your alma mater. It is crucial that your followers relate to you, as a person, not just as an attorney.
  3. Choose a profile picture. Don’t use your logo, as it might be a turnoff to your prospects. Select a profile picture that is a nice photograph of you or your office staff. You want your Twitter followers to know that there is a real person behind the name. Your profile picture is that important!
To find out the next steps after creating a Twitter account, read our article, The Big Secret to Twitter Revealed to Attorneys.

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