Why You Should Add Your Author Tag to the Video Pages on Your Website

So you've got a website - and you've got videos on your website.  Good for you!  Now, if you've taken your website to the next level and have added author tags to your content, you might be wondering how to use these tags properly.  One question many users have is - should I add an author tag to my video page?

Why is this even a question? Well, many of you have noticed that when a video page shows up in the search results, a thumbnail of the video often shows under the video page title.  However, when content pages have an author tag on them, the author tag usually shows where that video thumbnail goes.  Will adding an author tag to your video pages push that thumbnail out of the way?  What is the right thing to do?

The good news is that Google has found a way to show both the video thumbnail and your author tag image in the search results.  Check out this example from a video on our own website with Tom Foster's author tag.  You'll see that Tom's picture - from his Google+ profile (remember, Google shows your Google+ profile picture in the search results, not your website profile picture) - shows up underneath the video thumbnail.  Aha! So this is how they do it.

DSS author tag on Google video search results

Do also note that the usual links to the author bio (which will take you to Tom's Google+ account) and more by this author are shown, as well as a link to see more videos with the keyword search term I used to find this search result.

Got questions? Use that handy email link up on my author tag to contact me, or open a Customer Service ticket in DSS using the "Need Help" button.

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