Why You Want Keyword Information from Facebook Graph Search


For a time, it looked as though Facebook was going to take a cue from Google and hide many of the organic search terms used on Facebook Graph Search. However, recent developments allow astute marketers and business owners to see just what people are searching for on Facebook's fledgling search engine.

You Want These Keywords. Trust Us.

Access to the keywords used in Facebook Graph Search may not be a huge deal now, but it will be. At the moment, Facebook Graph Search is only available to those who signed up for the search service. Therefore, there aren't a ton of searches being done. There's simply not a lot of organic keyword information out there yet.

Soon, though, Graph Search will be given to the masses. When this happens—and once people get the hang of using the unique search engine—you, as a small business owner, will want these keywords. They provide an unparalleled look at how people are using Graph Search to find businesses like yours. Graph Search has the very real potential to take on Yelp and other hyper-local search sites and to provide personalized information unavailable anywhere else.

If you are interested in tracking Facebook Graph searches using Google Analytics, check out the blog written by Glenn Gabe on the subject.

Want to know more about the impact of Facebook Graph Search on your law firm? Call 888.886.0939. Our attorney social media experts have their fingers on the pulse of all things social media marketing and would love to help you understand how to use this amazing, free resource.  

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