How Can I Get More YouTube Subscribers?

Building a successful YouTube channel can help establish your law office as an authority in your area, increase your video views, and ultimately get you more cases and better cases. Part of building a successful YouTube channel is getting regular subscribers – but how do you achieve that?


Here are some quick tips:


  • Put a clickable subscribe button in your attorney videos.
  • Search engine optimize your title and description.
  • Become active in the YouTube community.
  • Link to your YouTube channel and videos from your website.
  • Link to your YouTube channel and videos from your social media accounts.
  • Subscribe to relevant YouTube channels in your industry.
  • Create a network of relevant YouTube friends.
  • Create a video that is an overview of your YouTube channel and law firm.
  • Post new material consistently.
  • Create calls to action that encourage people to subscribe to your channel.
  • Add a YouTube subscribe widget to your blog and website.
  • Ask your followers on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter) to subscribe.
  • Make your videos and your YouTube channel unique – offer content that no one else does.
  • Make sure your videos are always helpful, short, and relevant.
  • Make sure the quality of your videos is high!


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