How can I help potential clients find my online lawyer videos?

It’s no use making compelling online lawyer videos if nobody is going to watch them! Promoting your web video is just as important as creating it. If you want to reach out to potential clients with your attorney web video, pay attention to the following elements:


  • Content. Content is always king. Make sure you use your web videos to answer frequent questions, clarify important issues, or communicate vital information. This will help keep your viewers engaged, and it carries the added bonus of helping you build a sense of trust with your potential clients.


  • Title. Pay attention to the title of your video. Is it catchy? Does it explain what the video is about?


  • Description. Your video’s description should explain more about what the viewer should expect to learn from the video and include keywords that help the search engines (and your potential clients) find you.


  • Promotion. Once you’ve filmed your attorney videos, put them out there for your potential clients to see. Share videos on Facebook, add them to your blog, and use them on your law firm’s website.


For more information about tagging and promoting your online videos, see our FREE book, How to Get Found by the World’s Most Aggressive Internet Users and Never Miss Another Lead.


If you need help creating excellent attorney videos and making sure they are found by potential clients, speak with the online attorney marketing experts with Foster Web Marketing. Just give us a call today at 888-886-0939, or simply fill out the online contact form on this page!

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