How do I search engine optimize my attorney videos?

By now, we’ve probably drilled the different ways that you can search engine optimize web content deep into your brain. But how can you possibly search engine optimize video? We’ve got those answers, too: 

  • A great title is key. Because you can’t pad your video with written keywords, every word associated with your video is vital – and that starts with your title. Make sure that your title accurately describes your video, contains geo-specific words, and contains any keywords you are focusing on. 
  • Consider transcribing your video. Do you have the original script you used to make your video, or do you have a few minutes to transcribe it? Adding a description to your video can boost SEO and cater to web visitors who may prefer reading to watching. 
  • Tag your video. Again, make sure your tags, like your title, are all relevant, helpful, and filled with great keywords. 
  • Share your video on your social networking sites. Get great links to your videos by sharing on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • Add a descriptive URL. If your video has its own page on your website, make sure to give it a descriptive URL address – both visitors and search engines will respond positively. 

Would you like to create a series of online attorney videos for your law firm website, or do your videos need to be optimized for search engines? Look no further. Foster Web Marketing is here to help. Call our team today at 888.886.0939.  

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