One of the many decisions that you will make when starting a Google AdWords campaign for your law firm is how much you would like to spend daily for your pay-per-click advertising. There are many factors to consider when choosing your daily budget:

  • What is my overall marketing budget?
  • What portion of my overall budget do I want to dedicate to AdWords?
  • Would I have a better outcome investing my marketing money elsewhere?
  • How have my Google AdWords campaigns fared in the past, and how is this one the same or different?
  • Am I investing in a successful and tested marketing campaign?

If you are unsure of what to set your daily budget at, don’t hesitate to start small and analyze the success of your test run before deciding on your next step. Also know that you can change your daily budget at any time.

To change your daily budget, log into your Google AdWords account, select the campaign that you are interested in altering, and select “Campaign Settings.” On that page, scroll down to “Bidding and Budget” to set your budget.

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