How Does the Age of My Attorney Website Domain Affect SEO?

This is question that search engine optimizers frequently debate, but here is the real answer: don't stress over the age of your domain. If you bought a domain from GoDaddy 10 years ago but never added a single piece of content to the website, it will not rank well. On the other hand, if you have a 10-year-old domain where you have been consistently posting quality content and getting links, it will help you greatly. Google does look at historical data when ranking your site, but it has much to do with your track record as a reputable, authoritative site than an arbitrary factor like the number of years you've had the domain registered. In the video below, Matt Cutts of Google explains this in more detail:



Once again, we see that Google is concentrating on the factors that are most important to its users. Quality content and good links will always improve rankings.


If you are working with a new domain name, establish its place on the web by building a strong reputation with good content, videos, link building, and "white hat" SEO. Google is only 13 years old -- in just a few years, your domain will be considered old, too!