How does YouTube decide the ranking of my online attorney video?

Although many people forget about it when considering their attorney SEO plans, YouTube should also be recognized for the powerful search engine that it is. If you take the time and expense to produce a great online video, it’s worth submitting your video to YouTube and optimizing that video to be found by your potential clients. 

Many factors go into the search ranking of your attorney YouTube video, including:

  • Your titles, tags, descriptions, and keywords
  • Annotations attached to your video
  • How viewers have rated your video
  • The number of views 
  • The number of channel views and subscribers
  • Any video responses
  • How many times the video has been shared or embedded
  • How old your video is
  • If your video has been flagged
  • The comments that your video receives

Don’t get too stressed out about your YouTube video rankings, though. Ultimately, YouTube wants to connect users with videos that are relevant and high quality—so, if you’re producing relevant, high-quality videos, then you’re already most of the way there. 

Please feel free to give the video marketing team at Foster Web Marketing a call today with any questions about marketing your online attorney videos on YouTube. 

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